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Life has a way of throwing us into a puzzle every now and then. We find that our conditions are such that all our old assumptions are no longer true and we find ourselves confused, fearful of the future and shaken. At such times, our family and friends are not able to help us find the right answers to our questions and so we must turn to true guides who alone can help us.

We invite you to send in your questions to Swami Amartyananda who has been conducting self development classes for the youth for over 15 years and has a large following of students who have benefitted immensely from his guidance.

Please send in your queries using the contact details given on the left and Swamiji will respond to you. Selected questions and their answers will be put up on the site on an anonymous basis so as to benefit a larger audience.

Here are a few common questions and answers (click question to see answer, click again to close)

How can I achieve concentration of mind? I find that I am very distracted and cannot focus on my work or my studies

We find a lack of concentration because we have never tried to discipline the mind. From early childhood we indulge in all its whims and fancies, good or bad and so we suffer. To steady the mind, we need the help of Satsanga (good company in the form of visiting temples, listening to bhajans or reading books with high ideals), Discipline (meaning that we should inculcate basic routines in life such as a fixed timetable for each day) and Meditation (meaning sitting still for 10 minutes every morning and evening and practicing watching thought flow — simply watching the thoughts come and go without reacting to them, like we watch clouds float in the sky).

How may I overcome jealousy? I find that I am very disturbed if my friends or colleagues do better than me and this affects my ability to work efficiently

Jealousy is an extremely negative emotion and can competely ruin us if we are not careful. The basic solution is to introspect in the following manner:

  • By being jealous of someone, I give them the keys to my happiness. My happiness no longer depends on my actions but on what happens to him or her — is this not sheer ignorance on our part?
  • It's no use comparing ourselves with others. Rather, it is better to compare our condition with where we were in the past and see if we have actually made any progress.
  • Jealousy makes us see the situation in a warped way so whenever jealousy arises, we must always try to control our mind and see the situation in a fair way.
  • Whenever jealousy arises, try to counter it with positive thoughts such as love, admiration, kindness, etc.
How can I deal with stress and anger? Often I lose my cool at small things and this disturbs relations both in my family and in the workplace

Anger is another great enemy of human life and has the power to destroy our relationships and make others perceive even a good person as wicked. The following tips will help in curbing anger:

  • Practice waiting 5 minutes before reacting in anger. This time will allow us to cool down and give a measured response rather than an angry response in the heat of the moment.
  • Simply leave the place if the surroundings are annoying you.
  • Stand before a mirror and see the funny expressions on your face in anger! This will show us how ridiculous we seem when angry!
  • Think about the consequences before you react. Before giving an angry response (even when you feel you are 100% right) try to think of how your relationship and reputation will be affected by your angry response.
  • Anger is nothing but supressed desire so try to convince yourself that the world cannot move as per your wishes and that you will have to accept unpleasant situations from time to time.
  • When anger arises, try to counter it with positive emotions like love, kindness, forgiveness, etc.
  • Don't make assumptions about the person you are angry with, maybe he has some good reason for behaving the way he is.