Vivekananda Boys' Home

boys at playThe Vivekananda Boys' Home was inaugurated in 1986 by Swami Tapasyanandaji Maharaj to provide shelter to boys from either destitute homes or who were orphans. The Home accomodates boys in the age groups of 6 to 16 years who belong to various castes, religions and linguistic regions of India.

We provide free shelter, food, medical aid, clothing to these boys in addition to enrolling them in well reputed schools in Port Blair. The Centre also enrolls these boys in various vocational training courses as per their skills and tendencies.

In keeping with Swami Vivekananda's desire, we take due care to ensure physical, mental and spiritual growth of the children in our keeping. Accordingly, the boys worship daily at the temple before going to school in the morning and before their study time in the evening.

In addition to these boys, we also take care of the education of 2 to 3 poor students that the Ramakrishna Mission sends to Port Blair for higher education.

boys praying boys studying